How to build an office of the future

Future work illustration

A multitude of industries are struggling to keep pace with the march of technology – and construction is no exception

How close are we to doomsday?

This year saw the symbolic Doomsday Clock hand move to 2-and-a-half minutes to midnight – the hypothetical armageddon. Ollie Pickup investigates why the world is creeping closer and closer to ‘doomsday’

Humans of the near future

Future of humans 1

A new breed of human is on its way. Transhumanists are a group who seek to accelerate the evolution of humanity through science and technology. Oliver Pickup investigates the movement, the implications for humankind and asks, is it morally wrong to augment humans?

Why Trump is a climate change denier

The US President has pulled his nation out of the Paris Agreement on climate change. Oliver Pickup investigates Trump's reasons why and the impact it will have on the rest of the world

Would you hand over your phone to enter the US?

Apple Supporters Protest In Front Of FBI Headquarters In Washington DC

Soon foreign visitors entering the US may have to hand over their smartphone and share social media passwords with border officials. Oliver Pickup investigates the privacy and human rights implications of this new proposed policy

Sports kick-starts a virtual reality revolution

Virtual Reality cycling

Virtual reality, for so long considered an expensive novelty, is on the cusp of a real breakthrough, as sports broadcasters pump money into immersive technology

Sevens’ Olympic moment

Brazilian rugby player scores try

As rugby sevens makes its bow at the Rio Olympics, players, fans and sponsors believe that the shortened version of the game could be about to break out as a real commercial force

Circus for the soul

Nearly 250 years since the birth of the modern circus, new and innovative shows are reclaiming the arena and pulling in the crowds with genre-bending acts