Five things you didn’t know are ‘heart risky’

There are some surprising lifestyle habits and little-known factors that can indicate increased risk of cardiovascular disease

Reducing heart disease: Defying the odds as a ‘heart-healthy’ country

South Korea reducing heart disease

Famous for manufacturing smartphones and cars, South Korea can add another reason for being in world top rankings – reducing heart disease

Three-sided football, could it ever take off?

Three-sided football illustration

The second three-sided football World Cup is taking place this month. Oliver Pickup gets stuck in, to discover what the sport's all about

Nick Yarris: innocent on death row for 22 years

Nick Yarris spent 22 years on death row for a crime he did not commit. He reveals what life is really like on death row and why this system of justice doesn't work

Should the US death penalty still exist?

Death Penalty

The US is witnessing a significant decline in the use of the death penalty. Oliver Pickup investigates the change in public mood, the reasons why and asks: will it be abolished any time soon?

How to keep the planet’s megacities moving

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With almost ten billion people expected to inhabit Earth by 2050, many of them in megacities, transport planners face mounting problems which challenge mobility, the economy, health and wellbeing

The importance of supply chain diversity

General Motors works with more than 400 certified diverse suppliers and small businesses in North America; its supplier diversity programme dates back to 1968

UK businesses are missing a trick if they do not take advantage of the myriad rewards which come from committing to supply chain diversity

The backlash against fake news

Fake news

Is enough being done to stop the spread of fake news? Oliver Pickup investigates the rise of this destructive media and how tech giants and organisations are attempting to counter the viral spread of false information