Child labour: the dark truth behind chocolate production

child labourers on cocoa farm in Côte d’Ivoire

Our delight in chocolate comes at great cost to those who produce the cocoa, notably child labourers in West Africa

Can UK workers afford ‘enforced leisure’?

Woman reading

As robots and algorithms take more jobs, will enforced leisure be matched by sustained living standards?

Make money while doing good

Ethical business practices, placing the wellbeing of people and the planet alongside healthy profits, are gaining traction among established corporations and radical startups alike

Smart-homes are empowering the sick and vulnerable

Elderly woman using Apple Watch

Smart-home technology can empower disabled people, transforming their lives and often freeing them from the need for round-the-clock care

When exiting is risking your business values

The Body Shop storefront

When a brand that built its reputation on upholding high ethical standards is sold, can the ethical approach be safeguarded?