Responding to the EU Whistleblowing Directive: Six key actions you need to take now

Navex whistleblowing

Organisations and public bodies affected by the Directive will need to undertake a range of activities to comply with the new rules

How to make supply chain a desirable career

Supply chain's missing link

Lack of awareness, diversity issues and working patterns are contributing factors holding the supply chain industry back in employee recruitment and retention

Why employee journey mapping matters

Employee mapping

It may sound like the latest human resources buzzword, but employee journey mapping has the potential to drive real change for businesses

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Recruiting and retaining key workers in developed financial centres may present a challenge, but there are strategies which can help

How shaping attitudes to risk starts at the job interview

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Want to know how much colleagues are paid?

Staff sat at round table aerial view

Whether or not individuals’ pay should be made public is a matter of controversy. Here are the arguments for and against

The role of government in workforce engagement

Man on bike outside Parliament

Despite having a central role to play in offering incentives to organisations to promote staff engagement, government has made cutbacks

Staff retention – Avoiding the cost of saying goodbye

Professional leaving work

Staff churn can impact morale and hit a company’s coffers, so retention of valued employees should be a business priority