Talent management: how to tempt the best offshore

Recruiting and retaining key workers in developed financial centres may present a challenge, but there are strategies which can help

How shaping attitudes to risk starts at the job interview

Recruitment and onboarding are an opportunity to shape attitudes that may persist throughout a career

Want to know how much colleagues are paid?

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Whether or not individuals’ pay should be made public is a matter of controversy. Here are the arguments for and against

The role of government in workforce engagement

Man on bike outside Parliament

Despite having a central role to play in offering incentives to organisations to promote staff engagement, government has made cutbacks

Staff retention – Avoiding the cost of saying goodbye

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Staff churn can impact morale and hit a company’s coffers, so retention of valued employees should be a business priority

Tech that’s helping treasurers stay on top

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As increasingly complex demands mount on corporate treasurers, along with a growing need to glean insights from big data, technology is coming to the rescue

Corporate hospitality events are seeing a good ROI


It comes at a price, but increasingly inventive corporate hospitality creates a valuable bond with clients and business partners – and delivers a return on investment

Taking care of staff travelling abroad

Overseas postings and assignments can make or break a career, so moves abroad must be carefully managed by human resources experts