Why CEOs must reset their thinking

In unprecedented times, how can chief executives plan, future-proof their organisation and navigate what’s to come? And will being agile and boosting productivity be enough?

Big brands go direct to the consumer in a crisis

Brands D2C

The coronavirus pandemic has been a catalyst for some of the world’s biggest brands to open online stores serving products direct to consumers’ homes. But will the popularity of this relatively new purchasing model last as shops start to reopen?

Hong Kong: capital flight fears as tensions rise

Hong Kong police officer

Hong Kong’s special status as a global financial centre could be in jeopardy due to China’s new security law aimed at tackling secession, subversion and foreign interference

Using the crisis as a cybersecurity opportunity

Cybersecurity remote working risk

Organisations across the world are finding themselves newly vulnerable to cybercriminals looking to exploit mass uncertainty, but this could be just the push needed to transform cybersecurity.

Selling a new strategy

Shifting sales strategy

How are organisations pivoting their sales functions to succeed when the coronavirus crisis ends? And what strategies are going to ensure success in the long term?

Will COVID-19 solve the UK productivity puzzle?

Adversity often gives rise to innovation and a boost in productivity, and the coronavirus outbreak looks set to be no different, prompting a new attitude to digital technology

Do you trust your government with biometrics?

Biometrics and global regimes of truth

Depending on where you are in the world, the political landscape is likely to determine whether or not the public embraces civil uses of biometric authentication as a force for good or sees it as an enabler of mass surveillance

Why COVID-19 presents a supply chain opportunity

COVID-19 wake up call

The coronavirus pandemic has rattled, or in some cases completely dislocated, supply chains the world over, but some see this as an opportunity to drive real change in the system