How will blockchain transform trade finance?

Blockchain and trade financing

Widespread commercialisation of blockchain could transform global trade finance and unlock trillions through cost-savings and more efficient processes

Dealing with a hostile brand environment

Hostile environment

With consumers searching for reasons to call out brands for unethical behaviour, companies are constantly on a knife edge when it comes to reputational risk

India: a global pharma powerhouse

India pharma

India’s economy may be struggling, but its pharmaceutical industry is booming, thanks to initiatives to improve domestic access to medicine and a solid export market. But can such growth continue?

Have we reached peak fintech?

Peak fintech

As the fintech market becomes saturated, and there is less and less differentiating brands in the same sector, the industry is entering a new era

Sorrell returns to advertising’s top table

Sir Martin & advertising

Advertising mogul Sir Martin Sorrell tells why he didn’t call it quits after leaving WPP and shares lessons of digital disruption from his latest venture

Martha Lane Fox on using tech for good

Baroness Lane Fox co-founder and Twitter board member Baroness Lane Fox calls for change in the tech sector and says its number-one goal should be to create a better world

Building a case for employee ownership

Sydney opera house

It’s surprising that more businesses aren’t owned by employees, says Miriam Staley, Arup’s regional financial chief

Dealing with cancer in the workplace

Dealing with cancer at work

Living with cancer brings significant challenges for both patients and their support system. It is imperative that workplaces do not add to these burdens