Micromanagement: the end of your firm’s future


What does continual improvement actually look like when it comes to a large, siloed organisation with multiple levels of management? And who owns it?

Data will transform healthcare, says Lord Ara Darzi

Lord Ara Darzi

Renowned surgeon and former health minister, Professor Lord Ara Darzi, describes the potential that patient data has to transform healthcare as we know it

Red flags for green investing

Green investing

Sustainable finance can be an excellent way for individuals to contribute to the green economy, but can investors ever be totally sure where their money is going?

Could IoT help fight the talent shortage?

Talent shortage IoT

Fear of losing your job to a robot is nothing new, but is it time the conversation shifted?

What does personalisation 2.0 look like?

personalisation 2.0

Building a 360-degree view of the customer will be key to the next phase of personalisation

How will blockchain transform trade finance?

Blockchain and trade financing

Widespread commercialisation of blockchain could transform global trade finance and unlock trillions through cost-savings and more efficient processes

Dealing with a hostile brand environment

Hostile environment

With consumers searching for reasons to call out brands for unethical behaviour, companies are constantly on a knife edge when it comes to reputational risk

India: a global pharma powerhouse

India pharma

India’s economy may be struggling, but its pharmaceutical industry is booming, thanks to initiatives to improve domestic access to medicine and a solid export market. But can such growth continue?