The ethics of AI: how to hold machines accountable

old lady in hat holding placard with a thumbs down Facebook icon

As machines become ever-smarter and make life-changing decisions, how do we ensure they behave ethically?

China’s media industry could rival Hollywood

China film industry illustration

Fast developing its media and entertainment industry, China is set to rival Hollywood

Insuretech boosts China’s online insurance market

WeChat world

Already a major new player, the potential for growth in China’s online insurance market is vast – with lessons for UK insurers to learn

Charting the preventative economy

Digital mapping illustration

The Science of Where is solving new problems every week, from insurance risk to tracking the Zika virus

How digital mapping is uncovering the hidden past

Digital mapping illustration

Satellite imaging, drones and LiDAR become an essential part of the archaeologist’s toolkit

Social media: the next frontier in customer service

Social apps: the next frontier in customer service

China: WeChat offers huge opportunity in social retail

Woman using phone in crowd

The social shopping trend in China, facilitated by giant messaging platforms, looks set to conquer the world

Will drones be delivering to doorsteps?

Intel drone

Can developing drone technology glide over pitfalls and regulatory hurdles to drop off parcels on your doorstep?