Top 5 sectors using artificial intelligence

After decades of false starts, systems based on artificial intelligence, defined as software capable of pattern recognition, fuzzy logic and cognitive learning, are proving their worth in several sectors…

New technologies disrupting the legal sector

Law firms look set to update their technology systems in a bid to steal a competitive edge over laggards who fail to see changing business needs

Beware the phenomenon of patent trolling

Patent trolling by opportunistic litigants, who acquire patents not to create products but to pursue a pay-off, is a worrying drain on innovation

Role of artificial intelligence in law

Time for technology to take over

Robots are unlikely to replace lawyers in court, but they can prepare papers for hearings

NHS on new information pathway

NHS on information pathway

Coalition plans to put the health service on a new path of information revolution may be running out of time. Michael Cross reports

NHS chases a paperless tiger

For any large organisation, going paperless is a challenge, but when it is cash strapped, under intense public scrutiny and has a dismal history of IT failure, the task looks like mission impossible, writes Michael Cross

Legal clarity in the cloud

Cloud computing offers substantial benefits, but the legal sector should be aware of potential dangers, as Michael Cross reports