Unravelling the mystery of radiotherapy

Radiotherapy machine

Much misunderstanding remains around radiation therapy which is an important tool in the work of combating cancer

Shrug off the stigma of mental health and seek help

Chief executives, who may be more at risk of depression and other mental illness, must lead by example and openly seek help

How winning customers’ trust earns valuable data

Consumers are soon to get greater control over their personal details, setting businesses the challenge of retaining customers’ consent to use the valuable data

Getting to the heart of a societal problem

public health cardiovascular

Despite great strides forward, cardiovascular disease remains a killer, particularly among the less well off in society.

Time to take prevention to heart

cardiovascular health

The National Health Service is committing resources to preventative programmes aimed at keeping people out of hospital and saving the cash-strapped NHS billions

Why the UK public need to take dental health more seriously

Dental health check up

Despite the importance of oral health, too many people in the UK neglect their teeth and gums

Taking mental health seriously is good for workers and business

Man in suit walking up stairs

Poor mental health not only brings anguish to individuals in the workforce, it costs UK business dear

New drugs for not-so-rare diseases

NHS England's spending on medicines

Just how rare are rare diseases in the UK? Not as rare as you might think