How COVID got the NHS to digitally transform

Nightingale North East

The NHS adapted to the coronavirus outbreak at a rate previously considered impossible, but can this culture of rapid transformation last long term as normal service resumes?

Are A&E waiting times really the best metric?

A&E wait times

Whether they rise or fall from month to month, A&E waiting times are always a contentious topic for politicians, healthcare professionals and the public alike. But are they actually a valuable measure of NHS effectiveness?

Cancer’s deceptively youthful public face

Cancer is a disease which hits the oldest hardest, so why are all the headlines about youthful victims?

Myopia epidemic, battling our blue light obsession

With half the world expected to be myopic within the next three decades, screen time habits may need to change before it’s too late

Diagnosis is just the beginning of the battle

The UK lags behind other countries in getting the right treatments to rare disease patients, but promising developments are underway in a bid to help improve access

Patients still lack access to next-gen prosthetics

Developments are constantly made in the world of prosthetics, but convoluted NHS procurement processes are preventing patients from accessing the latest technologies

Are these treatments the future of pain management?

Searching for new ways to help people manage chronic pain has become the Holy Grail for the pharmaceutical industry

Why we still don’t understand chronic pain

Chronic pain is on the rise, and yet there is still no silver bullet to treat this little-understood area of healthcare