Trump: Putting Nato in the firing line

Plane and US flag

The US president-elect said during his campaign that he may no longer honour his country’s agreement to protect its allies in Europe

Should we trust the electoral system?

Vote counting

As the UK argues over how to interpret and implement the result of its June referendum, major questions remain over how secure and representative the country’s democratic mechanisms really are

UK immigration stance is ‘damaging’, say Indian entrepreneurs

Leading businesspeople from the Indian Diaspora warn that the UK government’s stance on immigration is making the country less attractive for investment

Dad’s Army: the home front

Migration has become a central tenet of the Leave campaign’s appeal to the British public. The message that outside of the EU, the UK will be able to control its borders, has resonated strongly with older voters

The frontrunners in the race for City Hall

The two leading candidates in London’s mayoral elections, Zach Goldsmith and Sadiq Khan, want to address the issues, but all they seem to be able to do is talk about each other