How to handle human resources issues remotely

1. HR remote working

Meeting face to face has always been an important part of human resources, but with the coronavirus crisis companies are having to reimagine how processes work in a remote HR world

What is RevOps and why is it a vital business function?


Four leading practitioners of revenue operations discuss the rise of RevOps as a fundamental part of business, its importance in the current crisis, and the key opportunities and challenges facing leaders

5 IoT innovations that will change your life

5 IoT innovations

Interested in never buying vegetables, missing deliveries or losing your keys again? These five internet of things innovations from this year’s Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show, CES 2020, could help

Exploring the subconscious for deeper insights

Tools such as eye-tracking software and brain scans can help companies cut through the noise to delve into the subconscious mind of the consumer

How to nail applied neuroscience

It won’t make them mind readers, but neuroscience is helping companies to understand customer behaviour in ways not previously possible

AI finally making its mark on procurement

Procurement has traditionally lagged behind when it comes to technology, but does artificial intelligence offer an opportunity for things to change?

How hyper-personalisation can transform insurance

Personalised “pay-as-you-live” policies are set to transform the insurance industry as data enables a technological revolution

Rise of the digital nomad

As remote working goes from strength to strength, new nomadic ways of working are taking flexible work to the limit