Gold standard is NHS target

Centralising acute stroke services, with specialist care and state-of-the-art equipment, is saving lives, as Liz Bestic discovers

Sleep disorders go beyond insomnia

Almost one in ten people in the UK ask their doctor for sleeping tablets, but sleep disorders go beyond insomnia and can have wide-ranging consequences on health, as Liz Bestic reports

Know the risks and be healthy

Heart disease doesn’t have to be a killer. Liz Bestic finds out what can be done to minimise the risks

More career women take time to start a family

Private maternity units, offering greater flexibility and added safeguards, are seeing an increase in the number of older women checking in, as Liz Bestic reports

From Oldham to fertility clinics around the world

Since the world’s first “test-tube baby” was born in Oldham almost 35 years ago, the revolutionary treatment of in vitro fertilisation (IVF) has continued to advance, as Liz Bestic reports

Playing God or advancing the frontiers of medical science?

Fertility treatment has always been a highly controversial area of medicine and ever since its inception IVF has had its critics. Now some of the newer techniques are prompting fresh ethical dilemmas, as Liz Bestic reports

Reforms must not harm patients

The UK has some of the best acute stroke services in the world. But experts are concerned that changes within the National Health Service may mean stroke slips down the healthcare agenda, as Liz Bestic reports

Social care remains vital in face of government cuts

The wide range of services designed to support people living with HIV are under threat from government cutbacks, but campaigners are resisting, as Liz Bestic reports