Virtual influencers: for or against?

Virtual influencers

Computer-generated virtual influencers are rapidly gaining followers on social platforms and taking the wider marketing industry by storm. And while their rise has been impressive, not everyone agrees they are a positive development for marketing and wider society

Why sex startups face uphill payments battle

Sextech payments battle

Finding a suitable payments provider is a vital initial step for any startup conducting an online business. When your core product is controversial to some, however, things can get a little tricky

Why use virtual influencers?

Lil Miquela

Traditional influencer marketing is built on trust in what the influencer is saying or endorsing as being authentic. So how authentic is marketing when images and messages are created by code and not a real person?

The dark truth behind America’s payments lag

USA payments

Home to Silicon Valley giants and some of the most forward-thinking tech innovations, why does America lag so far behind in digital payments?

When the third-party cookie crumbles

Google cookies

With Google’s controversial decision to kill the third-party cookie on Chrome set to have a profound impact on online advertising, what will the new dawn of internet ads look like?

Do we really want connected beauty?

IoT beauty industry

The beauty industry has been an unexpected player in consumer electronics, but are smart brushes and skincare apps really what customers want?