Medical wearables to help UK’s ageing population

Smart wearable monitors and implants can help the NHS cope with increasing demand from an ageing population and improve the patient experience

Mobile apps for business

Mobile apps are becoming an essential part of business, boosting efficiency and productivity, as well as staff morale and customer satisfaction, writes Jessica Twentyman

Welcome to the wearable workplace

Wearable devices are not just jewellery for geeks or gadgets for fitness fanatics – they are valuable tools for getting work done, writes Jessica Twentyman

Welcome to the data economy

With data multiplying at a bewildering rate, it has never been more important for business leaders to master digital information, writes Jessica Twentyman

Plugging the data skills gap

Data analysis is now an essential business skill for all managers, but many still struggle, as Jessica Twentyman discovers

Solving the energy trilemma

By encouraging the efficient use of costly carbon fuels, machine-to-machine technology would not only cut bills, but also reduce greenhouse gas emissions, as Jessica Twentyman reports

Employees are boss when choosing tech

Staff members are increasingly influencing uptake of company technology by bringing their own smartphones, tablets and apps to work, as Jessica Twentyman reports

Using technology to test staff commitment

Once dominated by hunches and feelings, evaluating and boosting staff engagement can now be aided by hard-nosed statistics and technology, writes Jessica Twentyman