5 crucial tips to keep remote employees agile in a crisis

hr agile employees crisis

In times of crisis, HR Leaders must react quickly to keep the workforce operational. Here are 5 quick tips on keeping employees agile and productive

How HR can connect employees in isolation

hive connect employees

When employees are remote and working in isolation, it's vital that HR leaders can foster an inclusive and connected workplace

Future of Work: 6 ways to create purpose in a Generation Z workforce

future of work gen z workforce hive

As a younger generation enters the workforce, how can HR leaders adapt to get the best from the fresh pool of talent that is Generation Z?

Is your name holding you back?

Name bias

Do applicants with white-sounding names have an unfair advantage when looking for jobs? Research suggests they do

Why you must prioritise customer success

Long-term proactive engagement with customers to drive value from products and services will result in a healthy bottom line, but requires buy-in to make the required culture change

Should fertility treatment be an employee right?

Workers in the UK are by law entitled to time off work for maternity and paternity leave. But with more organisations now offering fertility treatments as an employee benefit, should procedures be considered simply a ‘perk’ or a statutory right?

Ignoring diversity will cut you off from new talent

Recruiting and developing employees who fit neatly into a pre-defined culture can create a one-dimensional workforce, and this attitude needs to change for businesses to be truly inclusive