Emerging event destinations

emerging events destinations

Break out of your destination comfort zone and tap into the many benefits of organising events in some of the key emerging nations

Sweet success in bid to cut sugary drinks

Major manufacturers are reducing the amount of sugar in soft drinks ahead of the government’s sugar tax, although sticky problems remain

Do your meetings and events really make good business sense?

Do your meetings and events really make good business sense

With the right strategy and technology in place, bringing customers and staff together can drive savings and efficiencies across a business

How well are you managing money?

By failing to take control of spending on business travel and meetings, companies are missing out on big cost savings, writes Ian Whiteling

Talking about regeneration

It’s not just about hotels and restaurants – business events can rejuvenate cities. Ian Whiteling uncovers the transformative power of the conference

Why events matter

The economic contribution of the business events industry to the UK is huge and growing. Ian Whiteling does the maths