How automation can transform mining

RPA mining

Robotic process automation in the mining industry is reducing costs, saving time and upskilling workers

How V2G school buses could help power your home

V2G school buses

A new vehicle-to-grid infrastructure project in America aims to bring cleaner air to schoolchildren while providing added stability for the grid

Will a private 5G network help my business?

5G private network

Excitement over the faster speeds and lower latency promised by public 5G has reached fever pitch, but it will be the advent of private networking that proves most transformative for both businesses and the UK economy

How holograms will change the way we work

Hologram workforce

Next-generation tech that lets you interact with lifelike avatars and share information in a hologram is set to transform remote working

Five innovative ways to combat the housing crisis

From modular commuter villages to innovative finance models, developers are finding new, inventive solutions to tackle the UK housing crisis

Why employee experience begins before the first day

A common misunderstanding of the importance of recruitment and onboarding in cultivating engagement and nurturing employees is setting businesses up for failure

Five ways 5G will kickstart Industry 4.0

Fifth generation mobile networking is set to transform several industries, none more so than manufacturing. According to a study by Ericsson, the 5G business potential for the sector in 2026 is some $113 billion. But how exactly will the new network ignite the fourth industrial revolution?

5G vs 4G: what is the difference?

Ericsson suburban 5G mast by blue sky

Fifth-generation networking is on its way. Promising superfast speeds and an end to congestion, the technology is expected to revolutionise mobile networking and create new economic opportunity: but how exactly will it do this and what makes it different to 4G?