Unlocking the potential of geospatial data

red white orange geospatial heatmap map of London housing

Analysing data to gain geographical or spatial insights has untapped potential which can boost business, change lives and protect the environment

NLG: technology that gives machines a voice

digital assistant plugged in on a dark surface next to cordless headphones

Ever wondered how a virtual assistant, such as Google Home or Amazon’s Alexa, responds when asked a question? The answer is with natural language generation

Race is on for key element in EV batteries

Major market drivers are manoeuvring for pole position in the race for control of sought-after cobalt supplies

The healthcare case for sharing medical data with blockchain

Health services need to improve data-sharing for better patient care, treatment and research outcomes, but whether blockchain is the right facilitator remains to be seen

Blockchain is strengthening links in the supply chain

A transparent and tamper-proof distributed ledger is poised to transform outdated methods of tracking and authenticating goods in the supply chain

Unmanned ships set to sail the seas

Man operating ship remotely

Ships that sail themselves will cost less to operate and use clean energy, but will see the loss of crew jobs

Quantum networking: communicate at the speed of thought

Sped traffic long exposure

Advances in real-time networking are coming and this means much more than just faster internet speed and enhanced phone coverage – it will bring communication at the speed of thought

The rise of artificial intelligence in fighting cancer

X-ray laboratory

Enlisting artificial intelligence to fight cancer raises the hope of winning the prolonged war against this despised disease