Why ‘direct to consumer’ brands are dominating in retail

Shopping on smartphone on Amazon

The growing trend of selling direct to the consumer has major implications for marketers and customers alike

Personalisation: don’t get too close because it’s creepy

The big screen at New York’s Times Square displaying live video of pedestrians as they walk by

There’s a fine line between skilful targeting of personalised ads and getting too close for comfort

Delving into dark social

The 'dark' side of social sharing explained

How digital is boosting the market research business

Digital market research

Big data surveys may be more lucrative in a flat market, but high-end qualitative research remains important to the industry

Can business keep up with “The Now Economy”?

The now economy

Constant demands of an always-on economy mean businesses must transform to meet the growing expectations of consumers

What marketers need to know about video in 2017

James Corden carpool karaoke

It’s tipped by some as the future of communications and marketing, yet the success of video may depend on whether it suits the smartphone’s small screen

The rise of the viral brand crisis

Pop art image of a man at a computer

Angry consumers with a justified reason to complain, with the megaphone of social media, and cyber fakers attempting to damage a brand’s reputation mean companies must have a counter strategy

Monitoring online conversations that affect your brand

Online barrrage

In the age of social media, executives must stay in touch with online conversations affecting their brand and be ready to respond with a genuine human touch