Can business keep up with “The Now Economy”?

The now economy

Constant demands of an always-on economy mean businesses must transform to meet the growing expectations of consumers

What marketers need to know about video in 2017

James Corden carpool karaoke

It’s tipped by some as the future of communications and marketing, yet the success of video may depend on whether it suits the smartphone’s small screen

The rise of the viral brand crisis

Pop art image of a man at a computer

Angry consumers with a justified reason to complain, with the megaphone of social media, and cyber fakers attempting to damage a brand’s reputation mean companies must have a counter strategy

Monitoring online conversations that affect your brand

Online barrrage

In the age of social media, executives must stay in touch with online conversations affecting their brand and be ready to respond with a genuine human touch

Switching off in an “always-on” culture

Enlightened employers are ensuring staff can switch off from the “always-on” internet culture to maintain a healthy work-life balance

Why selling online will be vital post-Brexit

Person using a tablet to buy products online

Selling online is a relatively cheap and safe way to expand a business overseas, rather than investing in expensive local infrastructure

Can brands stop the rise of ad-blockers?

A young man looking at a smart phone overlooking the city

Mobile marketers, facing the prospect of ad-blockers obliterating their message from smartphone screens, must find a way to win back consumers fed up with irrelevant or intrusive advertising

Apps changing face of mobile marketing

Apps enable advertisers to zero in on target groups and personalise marketing, making ad campaigns more effective with greater return on investment