The talent in technology

Pedestrians crossing road aerial view

Far from diminishing the role of humans, smart firms know digital transformation can only happen with a workforce steeped in the right digital skills

The power of data

Aerial view of road in New York City

Today’s businesses generate untold amounts of data. Unlocking its secrets through smart data analysis will sort the industry winners from the also rans

Ride the storm and win the race for customers

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Business model disruptions, industry shocks, pivotal geopolitical moments and the shifting sands of consumer behaviour have reached a tipping point and it's never been more important to know your customer

Could robots be our best buddies?

David Hanson with his Sophia robot

Should robots resemble humans or be easily distinguished from their masters?

The IoT attacks that could eclipse Mirai

IoT attack malware

Expect to see millions of IoT devices annexed by malicious attackers in the future, dwarfing the Mirai botnet we saw in 2016

The Payment Services Directive: why our big banks need to learn to share

City of London

Banks need to take a deep breath as the Payment Services Directive pushes them to share their precious customer information

How to grow your business amid Brexit uncertainty

Dublin port

There is growing apathy from UK mid-sized corporate business leaders towards Brexit – and who can blame them, argues Ben Martin, founder of The BrexitTracker

Food companies face tough choices as ‘meal kits’ disrupt evening economy

Meal kit

Success in fast-growing market will come to firms that can adapt