Ingredients of the future

The benefits of spirulina, quinoa and kale have been widely known for some time now. But what are the ingredients of the future, and how will they transform the way we eat?

What is business innovation?

To thrive in a competitive landscape, businesses must be willing to adapt and change - but what is business innovation exactly? And how straightforward is it?

Collaboration vital to set best practice

Central banks and regulators are showing increasing interest in crypto assets, but a harmonisation of standards is needed for the industry's future

Traders need reliable data as cryptos take off

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Pros and cons of the crypto majors

The co-founder of crypto platform CryptoCompare analyses the biggest cryptocurrencies by market capitalisation, and cherry picks a handful of emerging tokens linked with interesting and unusual projects

Hitting the right spot with futures contracts

The advent of bitcoin futures marks an important milestone for crypto assets, but onlywith physically delivered contracts will market participants avoid the risk of slippage and manipulation

Rules to protect and nurture

How governments approach crypto regulation will define the future of the industry, but could also hold the key to the enormous economic opportunity presented by blockchain

New vehicles driving the crypto evolution

More products and better education is vital to quash misconceptions and improve investors’ understanding of crypto assets