Five tech solutions to global problems

Technology is helping to address deep social issues worldwide, benefiting some of the most vulnerable in society

MaaS: Changing the way you travel

Integrated and digitised public transport systems have the potential to ease traffic gridlock and cut journey times

Cryptos must improve user experience to compete

user experience on online cryptocurrency trading platforms

Cryptocurrency companies need to improve security, but not at the expense of equally important user experience

Procurement should not be swayed by politics

politics in procurement

In an increasingly volatile world, procurement decisions are in danger of being influenced by politics, not to mention emotions, rather than what’s best for the bottom line

Five futuristic modes of transport transforming travel

elon musk hyperloop capsule high-speed transport black and white

Futuristic developments in the transport sector are transforming travel, improving journey times, passenger comfort and safety as well as safeguarding the environment

Outsourcing providers diversify to survive protectionism

Trump and Merkel at joint press conference

Fearing clients might bring home offshore outsourcing contracts, service providers are adapting to widen and improve their offering

Five ways fintech is improving access to financial services

Fruit and vegetable stall at the Kawangware market on the outskirts of Nairobi

Firms around the world are providing fintech solutions to many local problems, including financial inclusion, microfinance and online payments

Insurance moves from reactive to predictive

Aerial view of beach

The role of insurance is set to change as companies embrace a new approach using predictive analytics to monitor risks around the clock