What if data privacy wasn’t an issue?

Broken CCTV camera and graffiti

Smart cities run on data to provide and refine services, which enhance the quality of citizens’ lives, but personal privacy may be infringed

Next household names in UK digital

Next household names in UK digital

The spirit of innovation runs deep in the UK and there are plenty of thriving young companies – here are ten that look set for success in 2017

5 councils using tech to cut costs

Glasgow City Council

Technological innovations are saving cash-strapped councils millions of pounds and at the same time improving services for council taxpayers, including some vulnerable residents

Limiting damage after a data breach

Cyber attacks are on the rise and may even be inevitable, so organisations must create a culture of cyber awareness and be prepared to protect their reputation

How a data breach battered Yahoo!’s reputation

Marissa Mayer of Yahoo

We investigate how the fallout of Yahoo!’s data breach may affect the company's chief executive, Marissa Mayer, finalising a $4.8 billion deal to sell Yahoo!’s core internet business to Verizon

Smart data gets hotel guests coming back


Collecting and analysing consumer data is a win-win for guests, who get personalised offers and a superior service, and for hotels that can upsell and grow new business

Connected cars: top 5 innovations

Technology is changing the way we use cars. Here are five of the biggest innovations

Monetising data and creating new business

With the power of data analytics, chief information officers are enhancing business decision-making as well as better understanding customers’ preferences