Building a company culture of innovation

In a fast-changing business environment, increasingly reliant on digital technology, leaders must nurture innovative thinking to survive

Avoiding the pitfalls that could stall your IoT project

Two people working on whiteboard

The internet of things offers major benefits for business, not least a boost to the bottom line, so how can the initial challenge of successful implementation be overcome?

Retailers step back from Black Friday

Black Friday in store

Retailers who may record their losses in red looked to Black Friday for profits, but is the online-shopping boom-day losing its appeal?

The public sector needs startup disruption

Attitudes to risk and innovation displayed by entrepreneurs hungry for success and reward will help transform the public sector

Data-sharing will drive advances in transport

Data and transport

In an increasingly connected world, the amount of data being gathered is exploding and nowhere is this more the case than with transport

Design security in and keep the hackers out

Man sitting in front of computer

In an increasingly connected digital world, the opportunities for cyber crime are multiplying making security a central issue

The factory of the future is computerised intelligence

Robotic arm machine in factory

Work on the factory floor is changing and is set to be transformed by networks of computerised intelligent production systems

What if data privacy wasn’t an issue?

Broken CCTV camera and graffiti

Smart cities run on data to provide and refine services, which enhance the quality of citizens’ lives, but personal privacy may be infringed