Torture in a post-9/11 era

As Donald Trump claims torture works, we look back at how the terrorist attacks of September 11 2001 drove a revolution in the use of torture

Panama: the inside job

After a succession of high-profile data leaks at financial companies, businesses are starting to look inwards to identify potential whistleblowers and saboteurs

BRICS crumble as commodity prices bite

The acronym that defined a decade of investing in emerging markets is on its last legs, as commodity price falls bite

Searching for the next emerging market

Population growth or an ageing workforce can impact global business, but demographics and spending power are a complicated affair to be exploited

Developing a local strategy for success

Understanding local culture is essential to adapt products and services for sale in markets abroad.

Global Exporting Opportunities

With the eurozone an uncertain market, capitalising on global export opportunities, particularly in America and China, is more important than ever

Keeping risk under control

Minimising risk in export markets through management best practices should maximise returns, writes Elliot Wilson, who points out the pitfalls

When in Rome or East Asia

Exporters should adapt to the local culture and business etiquette in their target markets, as Elliot Wilson discovers