Why the US won the race to put a man on the Moon

George Mueller, associate administrator of the Nasa Office of Manned Space Flight

The United States beat the Soviet Union to the Moon by bold project management of its space programme

Private space travel could soon be a reality

SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket launch in July 2014

Launching reusable rockets may be the key to unlock private spaceflight, but it presents a challenge for project managers

Art and science of marketing Microsoft

Scott Allen, marketing boss at Microsoft UK

Scott Allen, marketing boss at Microsoft UK, tells of his longevity in a demanding business and discloses secrets of his success

Challenges facing the busiest airport in the world

The $32-billion project to expand Dubai’s second airport could make the Gulf state the most important international hub

The Gulf states may have more air passengers than anywhere else in the world, but they also have their problems

By 2050, will London still be a smart city?

London’s challenge is incorporating the latest technologies with historic architecture and ageing infrastructure

It ranks high among the world’s smart cities, but London must remain on the leading edge of digital technology and continue to adapt to changing needs

Smart observations about the future

Gerd Leonhard futurist

Being a futurist in a fast-moving digital age can be tricky, so Gerd Leonhard doesn’t do predictions – he makes smart observations

The rapid rise of robots replacing workers

Person using Uber app

History may teach us not to stand in the way of technological advances revolutionising the future of work, but the lesson to be learnt is progress should benefit the workforce

An interview with the man in charge of the purse strings

Computer technology giant Dell’s chief financial officer Tom Sweet tells how he sees his role as a “co-pilot” to the company’s boss Michael Dell