Digital governance slipping from Prime Minister’s priorities

Whitehall road sign

Government commitment to digital services must not be distracted by events, notably Brexit, if the public sector is to reap the benefits of technology

Why is tech transformation in the public sector slowing down?

Hall of data servers

Transforming the public sector into a digital powerhouse began with a full head of steam, but may now have lost volition

Time for government to deliver on digital potential

Chancellor George Osborne’s spending squeeze opens the door to wider use of digital technologies across the public sector, but hurdles to success remain

Third way for IT procurement

Third way for IT procurement

The public sector typically swings between centralised and localised approaches to IT procurement. Could devolution drive a federated “third way” that offers the best of both worlds? David Bicknell reports

Digital vision to value

The public sector is digitising, but will only succeed if it can reduce transaction costs and increase citizen satisfaction, writes David Bicknell