How to make domestic energy smart

Landscape with smart houses

Manufacturers are applying their experience gained developing electric cars to the home energy market

The latest green energy innovations

Smart meter

Advances in renewable energy, power storage and distribution add up to an electric revolution which is helping to keep the UK’s lights on

Driverless buses and drone ships are a new reality

The most futuristic and ambitious projects in the transport industry are no longer a far-flung and distant vision

Should Britain stay in the EU?

Public opinion may currently be in favour of remaining within the European Union, but the gloves will be off for the coming referendum fight

Solving the UK energy trilemma

It is widely believed that transforming the energy industry into a clean, low-carbon business implies significant cost and risk to security of supply – not so

New storage technologies for energy on demand

Just as the variable output of renewables is becoming an issue of grid management, a raft of technologies has emerged to support their expansion through energy storage