How EU regulations will affect UK financial firms

Despite Brexit new European Union regulations governing data protection are set to impact the UK’s financial services sector

Time for bosses to sit up and take notice of cyber security

Screenshot of the NHS website when a ransomware attack disrupted health services on May 12

If C-suite executives continue to bury their heads in the sand, new European Union legislation will force them to take the threat of cyber attack seriously

What businesses can learn from the Yahoo! data breach

Yahoo offices

What lessons can the chief information officer of tomorrow learn from the Yahoo! mega-breaches of yesteryear?

Smart machines spot fraud and assess risks in banking

Financial services risks

With innovation increasing almost daily, regulatory technology is aiding organisations to tackle complex compliance issues, manage risk and also bust fraud

The benefits of shadow IT

professional looking at their phone

Is it time to recalculate the rewards shadow IT brings to information technology and redefine the risk?

Is online banking really secure?

Online banking illustration

With evident online security loopholes and hackers growing evermore adept at cyber safe-cracking, can the future of banking be secure?

Is blockchain the strongest security link?

blockchain in banking

The public ledger associated with bitcoin cryptocurrency has been heralded as the answer to banking security problems

Cyber crooks could soon hold a city to ransom

Ariel view of a city

The growing cyber threat of ransomware could be turned against connected systems with the potential to bring a smart city to a grinding halt