Coronavirus accelerates shift in cloud deployment

COVID-19 and cloud

There are convincing business cases for using public, private or hybrid cloud models under normal trading conditions. But now, in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, your choice might impact your company's long-term sustainability

The role of AI and machine learning in personal data security

Code on screen

Are we entering a new age of behavioural tracking with the emergence of artificial intelligence and machine-learning, will this offer new levels of personal data security and will our behaviour online become the only password we need?

Universal systems will aid growth

With a fog of electronic payment options, which platform will become dominant is unclear. What is certain, however, is any economy that wishes to remain vibrant must move towards more ubiquitous, frictionless payment systems, writes Dave Howell

Payment data delivers loyalty

Electronic payment systems are an asset that any business can use to drive loyalty and deliver a deeper understanding of their customers, as Dave Howell reports

A cloud of insecurity?

As enterprises of all sizes continue to adopt cloud-based services, Dave Howell asks is security still a major concern?

Wallets in the cloud

As electronic payment platforms continue to mature, the cloud offers a paradigm shift in how businesses and consumers alike pay for goods and services, writes Dave Howell

Using your body as a security shield to safeguard data

Passwords are failing to protect our personal information. New approaches use elements unique to our individual bodies and could revolutionise how we all approach security, as Dave Howell reports

Future of biometrics is in hand

Your personal information is moving to the cloud and reports of security breaches are increasing – so things will have to change, writes Dave Howell