Economic power of events

The most detailed study to date of the business events industry reveals the full extent of its contribution to the UK economy, as Clare Gascoigne discovers

Virtually a better way of marketing?

Special effects add to the impact of an event which no longer has to be confined to the conference hall, writes Clare Gascoigne

Delay could be the biggest risk

As defined benefit pension funds become less relevant to the world of work, employers and trustees must be ready to take advantage of opportunities to remove large elements of risk from their schemes, writes Clare Gascoigne

Long-term commitment is good for business when times are hard

Despite the economic crisis, family businesses are staying true to their principles and doing well, as Clare Gascoigne discovers

Small savings plans reduce income

When workers change jobs, they may have to leave behind pension contributions which, if they are small amounts, may not be worth the investment, writes Clare Gascoigne

Racing to turn darker shade of green

South America has an impressive track record in the race to secure sustainable green energy supplies and, as Clare Gascoigne discovers, is striving to stay out in front

It’s a wrap but not the end game

New ways of engaging employees in saving for their retirement could help plug Britain's pensions gap, as Clare Gascoigne reports

Gateway to a better life

It’s not just pensions as a product that is changing, it's the delivery of the product that would no longer be recognised by our parents or grandparents, writes Clare Gascoigne