COVID-19: What should your rewards response be in a crisis?

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Human resources and reward professionals have a unique opportunity to forge a new path as they navigate their way through and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic

Why ‘people’ people matter in a crisis

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HR leaders have acted quickly to ensure employee wellbeing during the COVID-19 Pandemic. We asked four global people leaders how they'd approached this seismic task

5 reasons why your chief people officer needs to be a people experience officer

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The skill-set of people leaders is evolving. As employee experience needs to be balanced with operational success, we asked five chief people officers how their role is changing.

Human Capital Disclosures: How HRDs can stay ahead of the curve

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Board-level reporting of Human Capital Disclosures can play a vital role in aligning business strategy, people strategy and corporate values

Upskilling the ageing workforce for industry 4.0

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As employees spend more of their lives working, HR is well-placed to help organisations transform the challenges posed by an ageing workforce into an opportunity that drives cross-generational success

Why HR should be leading digital transformation from the front

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Research shows that the biggest pressures HR leaders face lies in ensuring effective digital transformation, but rather than see it as challenge, HR leaders should act as a catalyst for change and lead from the front

HR´s role in corporate culture governance and ethical leadership

In the wake of the Hayne report, HR directors look set to play a vital role in rethinking corporate cultures and leadership development within the Australian financial industry

UK businesses need to focus on talent management

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Talent management faces a shake-up if the UK is to brave new business frontiers in the wake of Brexit