Selfie generation look to improve their image

The growing influence of selfies posted on social media is fuelling interest in cosmetic procedures as people seek to improve their close-up image

Global skincare trends heading for the UK

Once a foreign trip meant exciting discoveries in French pharmacies and American drug stores, but now international products are available in the UK as the beauty industry searches the world for new ingredients

Science behind hi-tech skincare

Gone are the days when skincare was simply about emulsifying different proportions of oil and water. Ingredients are now infinitely more sophisticated, relying on scientific and mathematical modelling, as Claire Coleman reports

The rise of advanced skincare

Advanced Skincare

A combination of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals is helping to improve skincare, as Claire Coleman reports

It’s time for skin care to get personal

In a market flooded with so-called “miracle products”, Claire Coleman asks whether brand personalisation will prove to be a winning formula for engaging customers and driving sales?

Divide and rule the beauty age gap

From trendy teens to skin-aware 60-somethings, how is the industry adapting to the desires of two divergent age markets? Claire Coleman reports on why brands must divide and conquer if they’re to rise to the challenge