Debunking the myths of millennials at work

Illustrations of myths of millennials at work

There are many widely held beliefs concerning millennials at work, but are they valuable pointers for managers wishing to engage this important swathe of staff or simply pointless myths?

10 quirky employee benefits that have been effective

Employee Engagement and Benefits report main image

A kind word can motivate staff more than cold cash. But what else can fire them up? Here are ten unusual benefits proven to work

Hits and misses of retail marketing

Technology used for retail marketing

Physicist Niels Bohr said, “It’s hard to make predictions, especially about the future.” Retail is dogged with false dawns and dodgy concepts. Here are three of the most notorious turkeys, plus three promising ideas which are proving that sometimes it’s the sceptics who are wrong

Why we should let project managers run general elections

Project Management Illustration

Following the Conservatives’ unexpected lost majority, is it now time for politicians to hire project managers to run their election campaigns?

How to cope with a PR disaster

Demonstrators at Chicago O’Hare International Airport last month

United Airlines soared into world headlines for the wrong reasons and not only crashed their public relations but also burnt their reputation

Why take any notice of the political polls?

Many polls ahead of the 2015 general election predicted a Labour win or hung parliament; the Conservatives won with 38 per cent of the votes to to Ed Miliband and Labour’s 31 per cent

After a series of bad calls, can pollsters salvage their reputation and get the general election result right?

8 times the underdog won a IP battle

The Starbucks “duffin”

Lady Justice wears a blindfold, holding her scales to weigh the law impartially, without reference to wealth, power or status. But can a minnow really win an intellectual property case against a better-funded adversary?

Magnificent seven are UK’s IT hotshots


Meet the industry trailblazers transforming their sectors. From the British Army’s first chief information officer to cracking the role of newspapers in the digital age, here are seven pioneers redefining the job