How agile businesses eliminate threats before they strike

Lego House the brand’s newly opened experience centre in Billund, Denmark aerial view

A truly agile business reads the market, makes pre-emptive strikes and celebrates an overriding purpose

Breaking the business mould

Thinking differently and doing the seemingly impossible is the mindset of some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs

Enterprise is fulfilling government roles

Woman working in coffee production

As governments cut spending on welfare, and a range of social and environmental services, private enterprise is stepping in to fill the void left by the state

Germany’s export powerhouse explained - in just six words

A worker with Meyer Weft on their overalls watches a cruise liner

Achtung! Teach yourself the German terms that explains the success of Mittelstand

Promoting the customer to the board

Board room illustration

Ensuring the customer is represented in the boardroom is reflected in a new range of executive job titles including chief experience officer

AI promises a food revolution, from farm to supermarket

From growing herbs to predicting fresh food demand, artificial intelligence could yield big gains

The future of government is digital

UK border passport control

Innovative technology is gaining momentum and is poised to transform the public sector, slashing costs and upgrading services

‘I liked the people so much, I bought the company’

Mario Queiroz president of Google keynote

Acquiring talent by buying a company has worked for some organisations, but may be a risky strategy