Why take any notice of the political polls?

Many polls ahead of the 2015 general election predicted a Labour win or hung parliament; the Conservatives won with 38 per cent of the votes to to Ed Miliband and Labour’s 31 per cent

After a series of bad calls, can pollsters salvage their reputation and get the general election result right?

8 times the underdog won a IP battle

The Starbucks “duffin”

Lady Justice wears a blindfold, holding her scales to weigh the law impartially, without reference to wealth, power or status. But can a minnow really win an intellectual property case against a better-funded adversary?

Magnificent seven are UK’s IT hotshots


Meet the industry trailblazers transforming their sectors. From the British Army’s first chief information officer to cracking the role of newspapers in the digital age, here are seven pioneers redefining the job

Carmakers put CIOs in driving seat

Tesla is more like a Silicon Valley software fi rm than a carmarker

Chief information officers in the car industry must change up a gear and become innovators or be left in the slow lane

Planning for a smarter world

Growing waste levels is a major concern for Downers, as landfi ll capacity begins to run out

Futurists often fall into two opposing camps, but the issues facing society are everyone’s concern

Brands name-calling and making cheeky claims

Virgin blimp displays the sign “BA can’t get it up!!” after the then British Airwayssponsored London Eye had a technical problem erecting the wheel

Taking on a rival business with aggressive comparative advertising is not for the faint hearted but certainly grabs attention

Top 10 UK apprenticeships

Apprenticeships theatre (2)

Apprentices want intense training, a clear career path, good pay, and to be inspired. Here are ten fantastic roles that tick all boxes

Post mortem: why KWM collapsed

KWM collapsed

What lessons can be learnt from the failure of a global law firm whose motto was “The power of together”?