How AI spots fraud quicker than people

With increasing volumes of online financial transactions, businesses are turning to artificial intelligence to catch fraudsters in the act

Bright outlook for business in the cloud

Organisations are increasingly attracted by cloud-based services to handle all sorts of communications, including telephony, audio and video-conferencing, and e-mail, as well as data storage, network provision and security

Machines are learning business

Artificial intelligence is no longer a geeky research project – the technology is developing fast and is ready for adoption now

Interconnectivity and the IoT revolution

A global network of interconnected devices linked to the internet is about to revolutionise the way we live and work today

Banking on keeping secrets and trust

If banks use the financial “secrets” they know about us, is this an invasion of privacy or a useful way of helping us manage our finances?

Can machines ‘learn’ or ‘think’?

Data and computing power have given birth to artificial intelligence, which is set to transfer labour pains to the world of work