Islamic finance growth means new opportunities for women

As the appeal of Islamic finance continues to grow, more women are seeking opportunities within the sector

Making the business case for workplace diversity

Multi-coloured birds

Embedding diversity and inclusion into company culture gets the best from people and helps boost the bottom line

Senior management gap left by retiring baby-boomers

Senior exiting a revolving door

As the baby-boomer generation retires, younger high fliers must be identified and their potential developed to fill senior management positions

Business leaders must learn to let go and give staff power

people working

Introducing agile thinking into an organisation needs to start at the top or it will fail to win the backing of key employees

The side-hustle phenomenon

Adaptive Lab open plan office

Starting up a part-time business in their spare time is catching on among employees, but could have consequences for employers

Should the boss be sacked?

Woman in office

Reports that the chief executive is dead may be premature despite some calling time on the boss’s role

Biometric banking: smile if you want your chicken

Future of Payments special report Raconteur Biometrics

Metrics related to human characteristics to authenticate identity and payment may take a little more time to measure up to expectations

Learning new skills to work with robots

Learning with robots

Changes at work involving automation will usher in a transformational period when employees must learn and be supported in how to adapt