Would free ports help a post-Brexit Britain?

Customs-free ports are commonplace around the globe and have been around for centuries, but proposals to create them in the UK have drawn criticism in some areas

Should private finance stop investing in infrastructure?

bird's eye view of Heathrow runway with planes on it

Concern over investing in regulated sectors is damaging UK infrastructure, but private finance is essential to meet future needs

Who will be the winner of the fourth industrial revolution?

birds eye view of cars lined up

Each industrial revolution produced a significant reordering of manufacturing nations. As the world embarks on what many predict will be its fourth, which countries will be the main beneficiaries and how will global economic dynamics shift?

Reshoring: bringing manufacturing home

The trend towards shifting manufacturing back to developed countries from cheaper locations is far from straightforward

Renewable energy: putting the power back into the Humber estuary

two men in hard hats by Port of hull,

Offshore wind power, propelling a major green energy initiative, is at the heart of the Humber’s recovery

How the chemicals industry is driving prosperity in the North

Saltend chemicals plant hull

Chemicals and oil remain long-term drivers of regional prosperity as important UK producers and local employers

Facing up to the misuse of personal data

Mark Zuckerberg in US court

Facebook’s fracas over misuse of its users’ data may signal a fundamental rethink of how customers’ personal information is treated online

Trade wars pose threat to supply chains

US President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping

Cyberattacks, IT outages, floods, earthquakes – to the list of threats facing companies’ supply chains, we can now add protectionism