Insurtech is set to take the insurance industry by storm

Disruptive technology applied to the insurance industry is finding its way into the mainstream of a previously traditional business

Brexit and political risk in UK business

Political risk in UK business: Theresa May at a questionand-answer session with workers at Screwfix in Stoke-on-Trent during the Conservatives’ general election campaign

The political risk in UK business from geopolitical turbulence is compounded by the uncertainty Brexit brings to the boardroom.

The impact of protectionism on international trade

Supply chain strategies illustration

With economic nationalism pulling the world towards isolationist protectionism, global supply chains may be strained but can sustain international trade

‘Companies are limited, not liberated, by finance’

CFO Special Report cover illustration

Businesses in the UK tend to be risk averse, resulting in a lack of investment which is hampering economic growth

The insurance industry gets with the times

The insurance industry is at last shedding its staid image to move with the times and embrace technology to offer clients a superior service

Don’t let the fraudsters win the cyber crime war

Don’t let the fraudsters win the cyber crime war

A cyber-crime wave is engulfing UK companies, costing billions of pounds and calling for urgent counter measures

Welcome to the era of the chief risk officer

The nature of risk has changed, beckoning the creation of a strategic role to manage business risks in the fast-moving 21st century

Getting tough on cyber crime

Faced with an increasingly powerful and organised enemy, organisations now have no choice but to mobilise in the fight against the cyber attackers