Busting six common myths about biometrics

1. Biometric myth

Biometric technology could transform digital authentication, but misconceptions about privacy breaches, accuracy levels and security risks may hinder its widespread adoption

Should we bring 5G to rural communities?

Rural 5G connectivity

Rural communities have struggled with unreliable connectivity for years, but 5G technology could deliver a long-awaited solution

Is IoT a silver bullet for climate change?

IoT and climate change

The internet of things promises greater efficiency across a range of industries, but the technology could have adverse effects if managed incorrectly

A supply chain which can think for itself?

Supply chain autonomy

Digital technology could create supply chains that fix problems and make decisions without human intervention, but end-to-end autonomy may not always be desirable

How to create an innovative culture

Innovative culture

Bold leadership and a positive approach to taking risks could see corporates transform from the disrupted to the disruptors

Are we sleepwalking into a cashless future?

Without access to cash or the right support in a transition to digital payment, the older generation will suffer

What can we learn from RPA failures?

automated factory

The industrial adoption of robotic process automation promises improved efficiency, but silly slip ups mean businesses miss out

How tech can transform the fashion supply chain

Digital technologies could transform supply chain visibility and transparency in fashion, but a culture of resistance is holding the industry back