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Combating Cancer

Dec, 2017

Cancer is a malevolent disease which, despite progress in science and medicine, is on the rise. The Combating Cancer special report, published in The Times, explores how attitudes towards treatment types are changing, dispelling myths and misunderstandings around biopsies and radiotherapy, and examines ways of curing Africa’s ills. In addition, you’ll find an infographic documenting stark figures on the most common cancers across the world and articles on the rise of artificial intelligence as a new line of defence in the cancer battle, the importance of raising public awareness to increase early diagnosis, and encouraging men to talk about health issues


Mapping out the most prevalent types of cancer worldwide shows two distinct patterns: cancers of the prostate and lung are the most common among men across much of the globe, while breast cancer is most prevalent among women. However, there are surprising differences from region to region, especially among low and middle-income countries