Benefit from new heart treatments

At Imperial Private Healthcare, our patients benefit from cutting-edge innovation in cardiac care, thanks to research by surgeons and specialists at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust.

Imperial Private Healthcare offers patients the best of both worlds – modern private facilities in some of London’s most established NHS hospitals, with a worldwide reputation for pioneering cardiac services, made possible by the Trust’s strong academic partnership with Imperial College London.

Research undertaken by our cardiologists has enabled patients with irregular heartbeats to be the first in the world to benefit from innovations such as the Cardioinsight multi-electrode electrocardiogram (ECG) vest. Our specialists combine the information from electrodes on the vest with images from CT scans, to build a highly accurate 3D picture of the heart. This makes it easier to locate and correct sources of irregular heartbeats.

“Heart rhythm disturbances can be difficult to diagnose,” explains clinical cardiologist Dr Boon Lim. “Elsewhere patients are made to lie still for hours while waiting for multiple irregular heartbeats to occur. The multi-electrode vest allows patients to be mobile in order to trigger the irregular heartbeat, which we can then rapidly map with precision. This technology is particularly beneficial for patients who have had previous failed treatment attempts because doctors have not been able to accurately locate the source of the irregular heartbeat.”

We have an extremely high throughput of cutting-edge research and surgical techniques, from the lab bench to the clinic

Dr Lim is the senior author of a research paper that tested the vest in 24 patients. He adds: “We are a leader in new technology. We have an extremely high throughput of cutting-edge research and surgical techniques, from the lab bench to the clinic. This is testament to the calibre of the doctors at Imperial and our track record of using the very latest technologies and approaches to help patients.”

He is just one of 30 specialists who work in teams to combine their expertise with the skills of radiologists and cardiac surgeons, to provide a comprehensive and unique package of care for every patient. Patients are treated in five state-of-the-art catheter laboratories and also benefit from access to world-class stroke, vascular and trauma units within Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust.

All our patients enjoy the comfort and convenience of our modern private facilities, with en-suite rooms and personalised care. Imperial Private Healthcare also reinvests its profits back into private and NHS facilities, meaning all patients benefit.

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