Getting outsourcing right - virtually

There is an urgent need to address the misconceptions associated with outsourcing. By being one of six sponsors of Raconteur’s annual Future of Outsourcing report in The Times, we hope correct and accurate information on outsourcing and offshoring will reach people.

Many companies get outsourcing wrong, not because this business strategy is flawed, but because a strong, credible source of information to show businesses how to correctly outsource doesn’t exist. Outsourcing has often been plagued by myths and misconceptions due to the absence of a Googlesque entity – an accredited authoritative body – that can give the correct outsourcing advice.

Most of the information on the internet about outsourcing is often distorted and biased. Outsourcing vendors, having their own vested interests, often promote outsourcing to be something it’s not – a magic pill. And even leading publications often publish articles that get the very basics of outsourcing wrong; basics such as not even knowing the difference between outsourcing and offshoring.

There is no credible information source that clients can tap to know the difference between different outsourcing business models; how to analyse their work and determine which outsourcing model would correspondingly be most suitable; how to avoid partnering with rogue outsourcing vendors; and when one should and should not hire an offshore freelancer.

Our objective is to better educate the populace about how to correctly outsource, which in turn will help outsourcing companies get outsourcing right as well.

Founded in 2007, is an outsourcing company, which incidentally also has a branch office in the UK that aims to add so much more value to a client’s business than merely cost-saving. With, clients work directly with their own dedicated employee, just like they would if they were to hire locally. The only difference is that their employee works with them remotely and hence the term “virtual employee”.

How would you benefit from partnering with

  • Greater freedom to focus on your income generating activities. Since the VirtualEmployee office becomes an extension of your own office, you incur no capital or startup investments. Efficient VirtualEmployee staff manage “your office” for you, leaving you free to invest more time, energy and financial resources into your core business activities.
  • Immense scalability. A client can go from one employee to ten employees in a matter of days and downsize with equal ease. This means you can quickly go to market and not miss key sales opportunities.
  • Freedom to experiment and innovate as the risk factor is low. Since you get a ready-made offshore office at zero-investment cost, you can be more innovative, and launch more products and services without the fear of heavy financial losses.

In conclusion, offshoring with VirtualEmployee is all about innovation, scalability and flexibility. And, of course, cost-savings.