Now available in europe: the world’s most exciting new attraction developer

As audiences across the UK and elsewhere in Europe look for evermore exciting theme park experiences with greater use of their favourite movie and cartoon characters, theme park operators, property developers and casino owners are taking a growing interest in a US-based company called The Producers Group.

We work with theme park, real estate and casino partners, who are looking for exceptional creativity and sophisticated design, and who want something tailored to exactly their needs

Founded in 2011 and based in California near a number of movie studios and Walt Disney Imagineering, the company has unique expertise in intellectual property collaborations as well as cutting-edge technology. It’s already well established in the United States, and the Middle and Far East, where it has an enviable reputation for spectacular creations – and now it’s increasingly in demand in the UK and Europe.

“We work with theme park, real estate and casino partners, who are looking for exceptional creativity and sophisticated design, and who want something tailored to exactly their needs,” says The Producers Group co-chief executive and founder Edward Marks. “Now we’re seeing a small but growing number of organisations in the UK and across Europe approaching us because they’re also interested in creating something truly special.”

In the US, the company was recently recruited by SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment to work closely with its in-house creatives to help develop two new themed rollercoaster experiences in Florida.

Cobra’s Curse will lift visitors 70 feet into the air vertically where they’ll be confronted by a cobra statue of equal height. Its fangs bared, it will deliver a curse that will set them swirling and sweeping along a track above the park’s Serengeti Plain.

This stunning attraction is typical of the work of The Producers Group, which supplies one of the widest ranges of services from master planning of theme parks to attractions, such as 5D live theatres, interactive dark rides, lake shows, water rides, night-time spectaculars and flame effects shows, among others.

The company, which describes its unique approach as “a little Olympics ceremonies, a little Cirque du Soleil and a little The Producers Group” is currently working on what promises to be a stunning development in Dubai, but which is under wraps until 2017.

Casino owners have also been impressed by the company’s portfolio, which includes the Crane Dance at RWS, Singapore. Combining groundbreaking audio and visual technologies, plus astounding light and water effects, it tells the magical story of two mechanical cranes whose love transforms them into real birds. Audiences are captivated by the size of the steel cranes, the largest of their kind in the world, moving deftly in the midst of a water illusion and a play of light.

The Fortune Diamond, a wow feature at the $1.9-billion Galaxy Resort in Macau, uses multiple lighting effects including LED panels embedded inside the lower part of the fountain, so it materialises from within a vast curtain of water against a triumphant musical score.

“For us creative programming is sacred,” says co-chief executive and founder Bob Chambers. “Our clients in the UK and Europe have been telling us that their customers are experiencing stunning attractions as they travel around the world and they now want to enjoy them closer to home. It’s a great new opportunity for them – and for us.”