Lagotronics projects creates unforgettable memories

Lagotronics Projects is an outfit that comes up with solutions no one has ever thought of. Their innovative ideas create unforgettable memories for visitors to theme parks, museums, amusement parks and shopping centres. They are able to create unique customised experiences.

Their customised projects, large and small, regional and global, speak to the imagination. Here are some of Lagotronics Projects’ rides and games…

Bandid Bomber, Yas Waterworld

A large water spectacle in the desert at Abu Dhabi, it’s a fantastic ride through the water park, creating a spectacular interactive water fight between people riding the rollercoaster and other park visitors. The attraction is equipped with interactive ride technology featuring 48 shooters and a variety of targets. Rollercoaster passengers trigger targets beside the track, which activate water cannons and fountains. Pressing another button allows them to dump five litres of water on visitors on the footpath below. Wear your waterproofs.

Foto-Safari, Rasti-land

The former Oldtimer Bahn at Germany’s Rasti-land theme park in Lower Saxony was transformed into the new interactive outdoor ride Foto-Safari. Safari vehicles drive you through a beautiful African landscape. Every vehicle is equipped with two “magic photo cameras”, which enable you to see the wild animals. If you manage to catch one on camera, the animal comes to life.

Their customised projects, large and small, regional and global, speak to the imagination

Journey to the West, Wuhan Movie Park

This interactive 3D dark ride is based on the story of a legendary Monkey King. Visitors to China’s Wuhan Movie Park are challenged to defeat their powerful opponents and achieve the highest score. During the ride players experience a range of special effects, including audio, vibration, heat and wind. With 3D projectiles seemingly flying out of the shooters targeting the screen and fire returned against the players, the quality of the technology gives visitors a unique and realistic experience playing the lead role in their own game.

Moon Bunny Rescue, EonTime World

July 2015 saw the opening of EonTime World in Harbin, China, featuring Moon Bunny Rescue, a captivating interactive 3D dark ride. Visitors play a game of freeing all moon bunnies, who are imprisoned in the castle of Icys, a dangerous cat. A mix of interactive 3D

video displays, animatronics, scenery, targets, sound and light create a truly special experience.


While taking part in various expos, Lagotronics Projects discovered clients wanted a standalone interactive 3D game experience. With this in mind, GameCabIN was born. Players have the lead role in amazing games at the highest amusement-park level. The GameCabIN fits into various types of entertainment and leisure centres thanks to its modular design and small footprint. It boasts a powerful combination of a 3D-video screen, full HD images, fantasy shooters, perfect audio and high fun factor.

In response to the popularity of GameCabIN, Lagotronics Projects is now developing a new concept to create great interactive experiences for shopping malls, other retail areas, museums and leisure centres. Again, they are doing this by combining their interactive system with audio, video, lighting, games and show control. It’s a new concept that brings with it entertainment, many visitors and increased dwell time.

If any of this sounds interesting, Lagotronics Projects would love to talk to you.

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