An extra dimension of quality

Founded in 2012, Virtec Attractions aimed to create a European 4D/XD motion cinema network. But after an unsuccessful search for the right manufacturer with the perfect system that matched our high demands in quality, Virtec decided to develop its own simulator that combined the advantages of existing simulators in a single system.

During our research we noted there was a big gap in the market for high-quality systems at affordable prices. We seized the opportunity and changed our business plan from being the operator of the simulators to becoming the manufacturer and distributor.

December 2012, and Virtec finished its first simulator and the quality of the experience was incomparable with that of the competition. We owe a lot of our success to our motion-programming concept that is the perfect combination of movement and 4D effects synchronised with the on-screen event.
virtecHowever, even if the quality was excellent, the price was still too high for the mass market, so over the next 12 months we invested a lot of time to lower the production costs without reducing the quality of the experience. Thanks to great partnerships with companies such as Pragolet in the Czech Republic, we not only reduced the costs, but also improved the quality of the experience.

The partnership with Pragolet was a milestone in the development of Virtec. Pragolet is a pioneer in the field of motion simulators having started in the early-90s. Siemens, Phantasialand and Skoda are just a few of Pragolet’s clients. Their experience ranges from passive 4D/XD simulators for entertainment applications up to interactive simulators for military, training and research.

Both companies are extremely happy with the partnership. Pragolet appreciates the innovative ideas and modern thinking of the team at Virtec, while Virtec benefits from the wide experience and skills provided by Pragolet. Both companies complement each other perfectly, and that is why we have signed an exclusive collaboration agreement and decided from now on to work hand in hand towards the future.

By 2014 we felt ready to go into the market with our new Flight Rider. As a first step, we decided to show our product at the European Attractions Show (EAS). Although we were aware that we had created something very special, we did not expect such overwhelming feedback from visitors to the show.

According to the audience, we had by far the best simulator, even though competition at the show was huge. In the evening of the first day, we felt like rock stars with their first number-one hit. Virtec, as a newcomer and young team in the industry, had shown the old-timers where the rubber meets the road.

By knowing what the customer needs and what the audience wants, the team at Virtec Attractions love the challenge of creating the perfect system

Until EAS 2015 we were focused on the production and marketing of our Flight Rider, and we were still able to improve some of the detail. Even if EAS was full of innovations, such as virtual reality simulators, interactive shooting simulators or simulators with 3D dome screens, our Flight Rider was still the most impressive and requested experience.

We are sure the Flight Rider will be successful and requested for many years to come, but our heads are full of new ideas and for 2016 we will be offering many new products which will completely change the idea of motion simulators in combination with 3D, virtual reality and interactivity.

Thanks to modern thinking and innovative ideas, Virtec produces sophisticated solutions that are controlled down to the smallest detail. By knowing what the customer needs and what the audience wants, the team at Virtec Attractions love the challenge of creating the perfect system.

In future we also want to concentrate more on customised solutions you cannot find on every corner – and this should open doors to the larger theme parks. Most of Virtec Attractions’ designs require only a small footprint and therefore can be placed almost anywhere for the purpose of both entertainment and “edutainment”. This flexibility allows our clients high throughput and return on investment.

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