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How can an app improve my event?

Beyond simply replacing the paper guide, an app is a one-stop-shop for all your event-critical information. An app allows you to modify information on the fly, so if speakers change or sessions move, you can update the schedule instantly. An app provides new ways to engage your audience, with a built-in Activity Feed where delegates can share comments and photos. The app also collects valuable data on your event’s performance, helping you make important improvements in real time and for future events.

What features should I look for in an app?
First and foremost ease of use for both you and your delegates. Also, all the basics should be in there, such as maps, speaker biographies and venue information. There ought to be a social component, so delegates can ask questions, comment and connect with other attendees. This should create a closed, private stream where they are free to share information and network with one another. We are also seeing really exciting new breakthroughs with new technologies such as beacons, for example, that can send delegates location-based messages to personalise their experience.

What sort of data can I expect to get from my app and, more importantly, how can I use that data to impact business? 
An app is a brilliant way to collect data on things such as engagement, trending topics and overall sentiment in real time. For example, at a DoubleDutch customer’s event, the registration queue outside was long and delegates were getting cold. The organisers noticed sentiment falling via the app, and stepped in to speed up the queue and give coffees to grumbling delegates. We are also able to determine the most popular speakers and the most influential delegates – the people who are gaining the most traction in the app. In fact, we’ve seen a delegate get invited back as a speaker because of the buzz they created in the app. Our robust analytics platform, Event Performance, provides a wealth of useful data, helping organisers make the most of their events.

How can an app be used to benefit sponsors and exhibitors?

Sponsors can use the Activity Feed to connect with prospects using “promoted” posts in the same way you might use a pinned tweet. When users tap on the post this creates a lead generating measurable return on investment. Exhibitors can scan delegates’ badges, allowing them to upload their information to their database seamlessly so they can reach out to them post event.

Our app enhances the experience for every event stakeholder – the organiser, delegate, speaker, sponsor and exhibitor

Tell me about DoubleDutch.

DoubleDutch is an award-winning app provider for events, conferences and trade shows. Based in San Francisco, with offices in London, Amsterdam and Hong Kong, we work with leading brands such as SAP, Forbes, LinkedIn and UBM.

What sets DoubleDutch apart from other mobile event app providers?
We provide one of the most engaging, social event apps out there and this engagement is what is helping event organisers unlock valuable data about their events’ performance. They can then benchmark that data against other events, helping them better understand successes and failures over time. Our app enhances the experience for every event stakeholder – the organiser, delegate, speaker, sponsor and exhibitor. Mobile apps are truly taking the event experience to a whole new level and we’ve made it our mission to lead this charge.

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