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UN Global Goals: a 2020 message from Richard Curtis

“When you hear that word “urgent” – I beg everyone never to lose their sense of the simple, intimate, daily urgency in the lives of those we serve. Never forget the people, in your countries and abroad who can’t wait patiently for change – the young girl being prepared for child marriage, tomorrow. The mother choosing today whether to spend her money on food for all her children, or life-saving medicine for one sick child – the family deciding whether they must abandon everything tonight and begin the life of refugees – the father, whose child just attempted suicide yesterday and without proper help will do so again. The changes the Global Goals promise could not be more urgent.”

“I am obsessed by the partners we could have on this Global Goals journey. They are legion. Governments – churches – trade unionists – business leaders – employees who are proud of the companies they work for but want to be prouder – bankers & investments bankers & insurance companies & pension providers – civil society – tech leaders who are moving fast into the unknown and know they should do so with purpose and principle or they will fail – young activists – older activists – scientists – technologists – environmentalists – philanthropists – academia - mayors – feminists – school children.

When we reach 2030 – let’s be amazed by the irresistible alliance we’ve brought together. ”

  • Richard Curtis Co-Founder, Project Everyone and UN SDG Advocate



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