Custom Publishing

Our philosophy

Raconteur Custom Publishing works with brands who share our philosophy when it comes to creating content: that in order to stand above the constant stream of noise you have to do it ‘bigger and better’ than the competition.

Previously, successful marketers had three core objectives: awareness, sales and advocacy. Successful publishers, on the other hand, have one: build a meaningful relationship with their readers. And it’s through this vast experience as world-class publishers we can teach brands to think like media companies. This has allowed us to succeed in helping some of the world’s leading businesses build high-profile platforms and better connect with hard-to-reach decision makers through premium thought leadership.

A consultative approach

We think, challenge and advise on the best approach for clients

Editorial excellence

Our network of award-winning journalists, academics and industry experts

Premium Design

We obsess over producing the most beautiful and high-end material

Our services


Supporting you in building a bespoke content approach:
  • Finding your editorial voice
  • Building your editorial direction
  • Operationalising your content marketing
  • Ensuring maximum impact for your investment
  • Competitor analysis
  • Audience personas


Helping to identify, as well as create, your desired content:
  • Corporate magazines
  • Research
  • Annual reports
  • Infographics
  • Animation
  • Video
  • Market reports
  • Interactive content


Creating or utilising the appropriate delivery channel:
  • Bespoke web design
  • Digital publishing platforms
  • National press distribution
  • Publisher partnerships
  • Trade press distribution
  • Raconteur.net

Brands who work with us

Case Studies

Leveraging your content

Great content needs a certain sophisticated scaffolding to ensure it can achieve what has been set out. This means careful thinking around key considerations that become part of the process of building a sustainable integrated campaign for your content.

Considerations we help our clients build into their project planning:

  • Social media strategy
  • Client account growth
  • Re- purposing strategy
  • Data capture opportunities
  • Events strategy
  • Internal communications plan

Distribution Partnerships

Raconteur has a history of media partnerships with leading publishers and events.

Bespoke supplements in The Times/Sunday Times

Trade press distribution in original or tailored format, digital and print

Airport gate and lounge distribution

National press distribution in original print format and digital
Global event distribution
Corporate offices and University distribution
Our DNA, if you like, is that we passionately search for ‘information gaps’ and marshal resources, in order to create premium products that seek to educate audiences and broaden perspectives, bringing first-class publishing successfully into the new era of media.
Freddie Ossberg, CEO, Raconteur

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