How CFOs can drive innovation and agility in 2021

Senior finance and operations leaders explore the constant evolution of the CFO role and the latest challenges they face in 2021u0026nbsp;

This roundtable brought together senior figures from Sage, PwC, Salesloft, Yooz and Hotwire with the aim of exploring the constant evolution of the CFO role.

Watch now to learn:

How CFOs can use learnings from COVID to their advantage

Why now is not the time to play it safe when it comes to innovation

Why the CFO will play a central role in driving businesses forwards

How the CFO’s relationship with technology will change in 2021

How the CFO role will evolve to take on new responsibilities


Monica Arora, EVP Commercial Finance, Sage

Tim Burns, Digital Transformation Director, PwC

Chad Wonderling, VP of Finance / Corporate Controller, Salesloft

Laurent Charpentier, COO and Chief Innovation Officer, Yooz

Adrian Talbot, Global CFO, Hotwire

Moderator: Gren Manuel, Managing Editor, Raconteur Media

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