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As the world recovers and applies the lessons from the past year and shifts to a more digital-first approach, businesses will make important advancements that will set the course for the future of customer engagement.

This roundtable explores the evolution of customer engagement and where the real opportunities are right now and in the near future. Experts from ContactEngine, Deliveroo, Kry, Metrobank and Vonage discuss the future of the data-driven customer experience.

Disruption is changing the relationship between businesses and customers

The pandemic has profoundly affected the way businesses approach customer engagement. Experts share the lessons they have learned from the past year.

A new era in customer engagement

The future of interconnected, data-driven communications is exciting. Speakers discuss the potential for a future of brand partnerships, joined-up customer journeys and tech-enabled innovations.

The evolving customer experience

Experts debate the need for greater inter-connectivity and changes to the digital customer experience as they share their predictions for the future of customer engagement.


Johannes Schildt

Co-founder and CEO, Kry/Livi

Sunny Rao

Senior vice president, global sales, Vonage

Kat Robinson

Customer experience director, Metrobank

Dr Mark Smith

Founder and CEO, ContactEngine

Stanford Swinton

Vice president, global customer experience and care, Deliveroo