Understanding the Global Supply Chain Revolution

The COVID-19 pandemic has altered the world’s distribution and supply needs while also shining a light on an essential role formerly in the shadows. How will supply and procurement practices change after the pandemic?

 How can better information, risk management and innovation make supply chains more efficient? Our roundtable series, promoted by Kinaxis, examines the future of supply chains.

The impact of coronavirus on global supply chains

COVID-19 exposed the need for robust, agile and sustainable supply chains. How have companies risen to the challenge over the past year?

Empowering supply chains through information and insights management

With a greater integration of data, intelligence and tech solutions, procurement professionals are better equipped to manage risk than ever before.

The supply chain of the future

Experts discuss the potential concerns, challenges and opportunities that will arise in procurement and supply in the post-pandemic period and beyond.


Dirk Holbach

Chief supply chain officer, laundry & home care, Henkel

Frank Baur

Vice president, supply chain EMEA, Parker Hannifin

Ivanka Janssen

Chief supply chain officer, Philips

Josue Munoz

 Vice president global supply chain, Colgate-Palmolive

Martin Fijman

 Global chief procurement officer, Brightstar

Patrick Van Hull

Industry thought leader, Kinaxis