The Open Path to Digital Transformation

Success in the digital age requires open culture, processes and technology. Experts at a virtual roundtable discuss how these interact to accelerate change.

What does an open culture really mean for organisations undergoing transformation? What is more important, culture, process or technology? What’s the best way to connect processes to the rest of the business? This three-part virtual roundtable explores how to create a clear path towards open transformation.

How can a CIO create an open culture?

What does an open development culture really look like in the post-COVID world, and what qualities do CIOs need to lead digital transformation initiatives, secure buy-in and lead by example?

Open processes and connecting with the business

Our experts explore the processes that best enable an open culture, and how an open IT function should interface with the rest of the organisation.

Unlocking the power of open technology

Is there a synergy between open culture and the use of open technology? What if proprietary solutions have a technology edge? Our experts discuss.


Ashish Surti

EVP technology and security, Colt

Belinda Finch

CIO, Three UK

Dr Christopher Lohmann


Hanna Hennig

CIO, Siemens

Major General Tom Copinger-Symes CBE

Director Strategy and Military Digitisation, UK Strategic Command

Werner Knoblich

SVP and General Manager EMEA, Red Hat