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 Open banking has enabled countless opportunities in the financial services industry. Our panel analyses the impact it has had on customer experience, partnerships and technology

How is the customer relationship changing due to open banking? How can banks better meet the challenges posed by disruption and cyber-crime? This three-part roundtable series, promoted by Tink, examines the open future of banking.

How is personalisation transforming the financial services industry?

What role do banks play in communities and society? How has a surge in partnerships brought on by open banking changed the financial services industry?

Integrating data, cybersecurity and cloud-based solutions

Experts discuss the opportunities available with the move to the cloud, the integration of data-driven insights and greater technological innovation.

Banking’s digital future

How do banking institutions anticipate the customer relationship will change in the near future? Experts weigh in on digital currency, cashless economies and sustainability.


Chirag Patel

EVP global head of digital payments, Santander

Matt Hammerstein

CEO, Barclays UK

Pella Frost

Director for everyday banking products, TSB

Philip Watson

Global head of the investment lab and CIO, Citi Group

Rafa Plantier

Head of UK and Ireland, Tink