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Businesses face massive challenges in the face of transformation. Thisrequires companies to move away from outdated, legacy and heritage IT systems. CTOs and CIOs are making the business case for operational change and the importance of data visibility as a means to achieving it.

In our roundtable, promoted by Splunk, CIOs and CTOs from HSBC, NHS Digital, Openreach, Splunk and Yondr Group discussed the challenges inherent in business transformation while exploring the opportunities data monitoring and visibility have to offer.

Understanding data visibility in the context of change

  • How can companies maximise the impact of new ways of operating and introduce more flexible operating models?
  • Why is leadership buy-in to IT and digital transformation essential?
  • What can CIOs and CTOs can learn from digital transformation?


Louise Bunting

Global CIO, Yondr Group

Colin Lees

Chief technology and information officer, Openreach

Gavin Munroe

Global CIO for wealth & personal banking, HSBC

Mark Reynolds

Chief technology officer, NHS Digital

Mark Woods

Chief technical adviser, Europe, Middle East and Africa, Splunk